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I am attorney Zak Kretchmer, founder of Kretchmer Family Law, PLLC. I have been practicing family law in Minneapolis since 2003. Getting a divorce is not something most people expect to go through in their lives, but it happens.

When it does, I want to be there to help. I have practiced in all aspects of family law. I pay attention to details and provide empathetic support throughout the process. I am a tough negotiator and skilled advocate for my clients.

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Comprehensive Family Law Services

I provide legal counsel and advice in all aspects of family law. I regularly represent clients who are:

  • Navigating an impending divorce
  • Dividing assets and wealth
  • Negotiating child custody issues
  • Establishing child support
  • Navigating domestic violence

By connecting personally with my clients, I help them define their legal objectives. Together, we work toward an efficient resolution of their legal issues.

Seeking And Supporting Cooperative Resolutions

I believe that in most cases, the best outcomes for all parties involved are achieved through cooperative problem-solving. A good portion of my practice is devoted to alternative dispute resolution. I regularly serve as a mediator to facilitate settlements between divorcing parties. I also work as a parenting consultant and provide Early Neutral Evaluations.

My experience as a neutral mediator who facilitates cooperative resolutions is invaluable to my own clients. I can clearly assess when to negotiate a compromise and when to litigate for my clients’ best interests.

Consult A Minneapolis Family Law Attorney

To find out more about my legal services and availability, or to schedule an initial consultation appointment, please reach out. You can contact my office by calling 612-887-3997 or by sending an inquiry through my contact form.