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Finding Alternatives To Resolve Disputes: Collaborative Law And Mediation

When parties can work together to resolve their differences, they are more likely to reach a solution that is best for everyone involved. As a mediator, I help resolve the issues between two parties in their divorce by encouraging them to be open-minded, flexible, and potentially willing to compromise. As a mediation attorney, I represent my clients’ interests at their own mediation.

I am attorney Zak Kretchmer, and I founded Kretchmer Family Law, PLLC, in St. Louis Park to assist clients in and around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities with their divorce.

What Is The Difference Between Collaborative Law And Mediation?

In a collaborative divorce, the parties and their divorce attorneys work with a mediator to reach a settlement. The parties agree in advance not to take their issues to court and work together to amicably attempt to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Critically, the attorneys agree to withdraw from the case if settlement is not achieved.

In mediation, the parties are not required to have their own attorneys. A mediator can work with both spouses as a neutral third party. However, most couples in a divorce attempt mediation as part of their divorce proceedings and have their own representation.

Serving As A Neutral Third Party

In addition to serving as a mediator, I also serve as an arbitrator for divorce cases. In arbitration, both parties agree to use an arbitrator to resolve their disputes. Minnesota courts sometimes employ Early Case Management (ECM) to attempt to resolve disputed issues. I am also available to provide Early Neutral Evaluations (ENE) for financial or custody and parenting time issues.

Parenting Consultant And Parenting Time Expeditor

Sometimes, when spouses are navigating a contentious divorce, they need extra assistance coordinating parenting time. I also facilitate parenting time between parties and make binding decisions as a parenting consultant and parenting time expeditor.

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Whether you are working without an attorney and looking for a mediator or parenting consultant, or looking for an attorney to represent you at a mediation, I can help.

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