Your Advocate for Family Law

A Compassionate And Pragmatic Minneapolis Family Law Lawyer

Family law matters like divorce and child custody are always emotional because we are understandably emotional about our families. I am family law attorney Zak Kretchmer, and I have been practicing family law in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities for over 20 years.

I founded Kretchmer Family Law, PLLC to provide compassionate legal support and guidance to Minnesota families navigating family law challenges.

Steady Guidance Through Emotional Legal Challenges

I offer legal support and guidance to families who are navigating a divorce. Every family dynamic is different and every divorce scenario is unique. Whether your divorce involves complex issues related to high-asset property division or contentious circumstances related to domestic violence, child custody or support, I can provide steady legal guidance during a difficult time.

Facilitating Settlements Through Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

A good portion of my legal practice includes a focus on alternative dispute resolution. I support and encourage cooperative solutions and facilitating mutually beneficial settlements.

I assist couples and parties who are navigating family law issues in the Minnesota court system by serving as a:

  • A neutral mediator for couples to facilitate a settlement in their divorce
  • A parenting consultant who helps parties resolve custody and parenting time issues
  • A parenting time expeditor who facilitates parenting time
  • An Early Neutral Evaluator to facilitate dispute resolution in a divorce, for either financial or custody and parenting time issues

While I strongly believe that working together to reach a settlement is usually best for resolving family law matters, I also know that this is not always possible. When negotiation is not possible, I am a skilled and experienced advocate for my clients’ best interests.

Consult A Family Law Attorney

If you would like to learn more about my firm and legal services or schedule an appointment, call my office at 612-887-3997 or send me an email through my online form. I look forward to hearing more about your case.