Your Advocate for Family Law

An Attentive Divorce Lawyer Pursuing Cooperative Outcomes

There is no way around it – getting divorced is difficult, and it can be scary and expensive. However, choosing an experienced divorce lawyer who will listen to your goals, advocate for your best interests, and negotiate settlement terms on your behalf can make all the difference.

My name is Zak Kretchmer. I have been practicing family law since 2003. I founded Kretchmer Family Law, PLLC, in St. Louis Park to help clients in and around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities navigate divorce. No one plans their life expecting to get divorced, but when it happens, I am here to help.

Creative Collaboration Backed By Experience

Every marriage is unique, and no two divorce scenarios are the same. No matter what challenging or complicated issues arise during your divorce, I can help you navigate them. With over 20 years of experience, I know how to find cooperative and pragmatic solutions. I help clients with:

  • The division of property, especially in high net worth divorces that involve complex division of assets and property or a business
  • Establishing child custody and parenting time schedules
  • Assessing spousal maintenance needs
  • Navigating the complex dynamics of domestic violence and abuse

I also serve as a mediator. I understand how working together to reach a settlement in mediation or utilizing other alternative dispute resolution methods can be the best for everyone involved in a family law case or dispute.

However, I also understand that there are times when reaching a settlement is not possible. While I encourage creative and facilitated problem-solving, I will also advocate for my clients’ best interests when necessary.

Consult A Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

You can find out more about my firm and legal services by calling my office at 612-887-3997. You can also send me an email using my contact form. I invite you to schedule an initial consultation to further discuss your legal needs.